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15 Acres of Off Leash Fun!

Dogs having fun at Must Love Dogs dogpark

At Must Love Dogs your dog gets 15 acres of park like setting to play leash free. There are two ponds and plenty of shade to cool off with. We provide a safe a secure dog park environment for Gainesville and surrounding areas, so you and your dog can play and socialize.

Must Love Dogs is a member based park, in Gainesville, FL, however we are open to the public. Non-members may enter the park through our office during office hours. You will need:
   • Proof of current rabies vaccination
   • Males over 7 months must be neutered
   • Day use fee of $12 +tax per day

If you visit more than three times a month, then becoming a member makes more sense.

Becoming a Must Love Dogs Member
Becoming a Must Love Dogs member is easy and very affordable. The following steps guide you through the process:

1. Fill Out Membership Application: You can do it at our office or fill out the application and bring it with you. This allows us to set up you account so be sure we have a good contact phone and email along with your current vet info.

2. Pay Setup Fee and First Month Dues. If you paid to visit the park the day you sign up, we will deduct your day use fee from your setup fee. Then you pay your first month up front based on the type of membership you choose. Click here for our fee schedule.

3. Must Love Dogs will issue you a Key Fob. You get a key fob that allows you to access the park via the electronic member gate located in front of the office. This gives you access based on the membership you choose during all daylight hours without having to go in through the office.

4. Go enjoy the park: You can now enjoy the park. If you bring guests with dogs, they must sign in and pay a discounted day use fee ($6 + tax). You are responsible for your guests and their actions. You dues will be billed to your credit card automatically each month.

Members Please Note:

Members in good standing with us are free from any increases in their membership dues for the life of their membership.

Any member on the monthly dues structure may choose to cancel their membership at any time. Before canceling, please consider that if you rejoin the park you will be considered a new member and subject to new member dues and fees, assuming membership positions are available.

More than three dogs on one Must Love Dogs membership requires approval ahead of time, and involves an additional charge per dog.